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About us

Enisolv is a consultancy and technology company in the maritime field, with more than 8 years of expertise in shipping industry. Its main activity is Vessel Performance Optimization (VPO) and Emissions, offering decision-making services and tools.

With more than 8 years of expertise

Enisolv’s team has existed as a department under the umbrella of Hydrus Engineering since 2012.

and in its present form since 1 January 2022, as an independent shareholding entity in cooperation with Fameline Holding Group.

Our services and products represent state of the art technology, and quality assurance is a continuous and necessary process for efficient development of new services and products for performance monitoring to all types of vessels

Member of a global team

Enisolv and Fameline Holding Group have merged forces and share a common commercial and technical vision, in order to serve the Shipping Industry with cutting-edge software solutions and services with respect to ship’s performance monitoring, evaluation and optimization.

We believe in

fully featured, reliable, efficient, and effective services of the highest quality through:


Continuously assessing and improving our management system by applying the highest industry standards and best practices



Engaging a community of proficient, professional and inspired employees who are accommodated in a satisfying working environment, share our values, and enjoy respect and recognition of their efforts


Investing in integrating and developing innovative technologies, collaborations, and services, extending thus our portfolio of services, our collective knowledge, and our experience


Being responsible for every single project that we take on, our implementation method has a clear time-plan and process.

We come from Engineering

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