Career | Senior Vessel Performance Analyst
Dec. 22 2021

Career | Senior Vessel Performance Analyst


Under your position you will:

  • Be assigned with a fleet’s performance data analysis and reporting.
  • Maintain a communication channel for client consultation on fleet’s status and corrective actions.
  • Perform the overall Project Management of the projects
  • Undertake and support the technical trainings of the division


  • Strong academic background attested by a M.Sc/M.Eng in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering or Mechanical Engineering;
  • Demonstrated experience (2-4 years) in a shipping company or technical/consultancy firm;
  • Demonstrated experience of at least 2 years on Vessel Performance monitoring in daily reports and/or sensor data monitoring and analysis;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English;
  • Familiarization and experience on a modern coding language is a prerequisite.

Please send your application with a detailed CV at

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