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Shipify is a whole new way of collecting, extracting and processing data from any system installed onboard a ship, along with data from day-to-day operations.


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Designed to be an ally for ship managers and operators, the software can be stand-alone or work in a multiconnected environment such as a Fleet operation remote control Centre.

Key features:

  • Fleet Map
  • Operational Statistics
  • Performance KPIs & Analytics
  • Speed & Trim Optimization
  • Alarms

Onshore Decision Support System

Provides real-time visibility of your entire fleet through live data and analytics, increasing reliability and operational efficiency. Meaning you can take faster, more informed decisions to create fuel, CO2 and cost savings that boost performance, sustainability and profits.

Onboard Operational Dashboards

The crew has full access on the metrics thanks to the onboard Operational Dashboards, which show information gathered from different sources in the same environment.

It also suggests real-time corrective actions for ship operations.

Heterogeneous Fleet Management





Shipify manages heterogeneous fleets in terms of the ships’ age and digital equipment: information coming from manual inputs on older ships or ones without sensors flows into the same database as information automatically acquired on modern ships, enabling comparative analysis.

Shipify is a reliable software not just for new ships, but also for ships that have been in service for a while.

Operational Statistics




Shipify enables its users to have quick access to the operational information of their fleet, giving them the flexibility to choose between multiple voyages, vessels, weather conditions and more.

My Analytics




A unique feature that has the capacity to create a flexible, personalized screen of analytics with a diversity of graphs and statistics, generated from the total set of available sensors.

It provides the potential to create a screen with limitless combinations of performance, operational and statistical factors that bring value to the decision-making process of every company.

Live KPIs Dashboard





Both onboard and onshore Shipify gives the convenience of monitoring the vessel’s systems, performance, and conditions through a live dashboard with multiple KPIs that have targets generated from ML models.

The dashboard is adjustable for the operational needs of each client.  

Condition Visualization





By comparing the recorded data with reference curves specific for each vessel, we can visualize various performance indicators such as hull and propeller, to help our clients track the current condition of their vessels and prevent deterioration in time.  

Period Comparison






A system can be compared during different periods separated by an event such as a drydock, to identify the effect it had on its performance and enable our clients to judge the effectiveness of an investment.  

Future Solutions

Before choosing your solution tool, together, we will carefully analyse your business circumstances, your strategy and your attitude towards your aims.

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